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Several weeks ago when I was in the midst of dealing with Potter’s health struggles…….and when the doctor’s finally diagnosed him with Asthma I was devastated.  Why does our family, yet again, face another trial of faith?  When the ambulance came and took my son to the hospital, I barely held myself together; until I talked with my mom the next day.

Two teachers at her school are facing a test of faith with their precious babe’s. One of the teachers is making each moment count with her baby, as she knows that time is working against them.  Her son weakens as each new day comes.  Still this mom hopes, and she fights for her child.  The other, is watching helplessly as her grandson fights a cancer that until recently went undiagnosed.  Her mama heart is breaking, while her daughter and grandson are fighting a battle no person (especially a baby) should have to wage.

So in those moments, when my heart broke for two families, whom I’ve never met; I was thankful.  Thankful for Asthma, for the means to treat it, and for the promise of a new day with my sweet Potter J.

Perspective, sometimes all a person needs is a little perspective.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the other two and will be praying myself for them. and for you as well. be blessed.

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