Top Two Tuesday

I decided yesterday, that I am going to blog hop all this week, in the hopes of  breaking out of my gray weather, snowy, sunless, restless, blah mood.  I love reading other about other people’s lives in their blogs….

I love that people can be so transparent on their blogs, and that you can laugh with them, cry with them and learn things about yourself while reading someone else’s story. I love “real” people.  Not the kind that want you to think they have it all together. But the ones that will admit that they too, have a closet packed full of totally random and unnecessary objects….who needs 423 plastic grocery sacks? (apparently I do.) I love to read about people living life that is authentic,  not staged. not perfect. not painless. Just Real.


Top 2 Things You Collect:
1.  Crosses,   I have a wall full of them.  When people buy me a gift they typically buy me a cross.  All sizes, colors and styles.  I have one that is the most precious gift I’ve been given.  It was from a friend of mine that wanted to honor little miss Ireland in a way that would be meaningful to me.  She bought a simple black iron cross and attached these sweet pink glass letters to it and spelled out her name, and her birthday.  It reminds me to keep looking forward, with hopeful anticipation of our reunion and for the blessed gift that the cross truly is.  A ransom paid for me, that promises me an eternity with a sweet-pea princess whom I didn’t get to know on earth.


Courtesy of google images

2.  Books, I am a reader…I read everyday, in the car (not while driving), in my bed, in the bathtub, sometimes at the dinner table…. I love to read.  I love being transported somewhere new and exciting, learning things about people that I wouldn’t have known.  I was lucky growing up that my parents encouraged reading.  It is especially fun now, because we pass along books like most people pass out gum. If I weren’t careful, I could easily end up on that show Hoarders, someone may find me someday buried in a stack of books….(that doesn’t sound like a bad way to die.  🙂


Courtesy of google images


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