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On Monday we {birth parents, social Worker, and myself–Kevin was dying from strep throat} sat down and worked out a framework for the birth, hospital plan and discharge of the new babe.  This meeting gave us a chance to sit down and work through anything that was a concern for us–with a neutral party who facilitates adoptions daily.

This hour of my day was so humbling. I sat across from two people who are trusting Kev and I to love and care for their most precious treasure.  They are trusting us to give this baby what they can not.  That is a huge responsibility. As we talked about our hopes, fears and expectations.  A sobering realization came to me; the tummy mama of this precious life will walk out of the hospital, much like I did when Ireland was born; with empty arms and a huge hole.

Looking back over the last three years, I wonder if the moment the doctor told me that Ireland was gone, was the moment that this beautiful story began.  The grief that filled me then, would soften me to the heart of a mother who grew the baby whom I would take home from the hospital as my son. I am earnestly praying that God would give me conscious grace to remember those first weeks without Ireland, and to be the encouragement that our tummy-mama needs.

God has been working on my heart, the hearts of our boys and our families.  I can’t say that this transition has been easy, there have been some bumps and some misunderstandings, but our focus has not wavered from the path we’re walking.  We are so in love with this little life, his tummy mama and his birth daddy.

Would you join us in praying for the birth parents as they move through this season of loss.  Pray for compassion and grace to fill me, pray for quick recovery for the mama, and pray that there will be peace in her heart when she signs the papers entrusting us with her child.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


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  1. Jess~ I loved reading this post! Your heart is so sensitive to your son’s tummy momma. God has given you special insight through the journey you have walked with Ireland. Please keep sharing your thoughts and feelings as you walk this portion of your life’s journey.

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