Two quick things

First, I stumbled across a blog of a family that is walking through an incredibly difficult time.  Their 22-month old daughter is fighting the end-stages of a rare childhood cancer.  Her parents have been updating her battle and asking for prayers for them and for thier sweet Layla Grace. The strength of this family is so amazing, but prayers are always good,  so I wanted to ask those of you who read this blog to pray for this sweet family. Pray for comfort, for rest and most of all for a miracle.  Because you know as well as I do that God can heal her.  I believe that.

Second, after hearing her story and knowing that as a mother, I would do anything to save one of my kids,  I decided to get on the national bone marrow registry.  Basically I anwsered a few simple questions, and am being sent a kit that contains 4 q-tip swabs,  I swab the inside of my cheek and send the q-tips back.  The lab does the profile match, and if ever someone needs is in need of my marrow, I can be a donor.  There is a fee for the lab kit, but I do have a promo code, so if you decide you want to join the registry email me and I can give you the code.

I know that this isn’t something that everyone can do,  but I feel that since losing Ireland, my perspective has changed a bit.  I realize now that our lives are so precious, and if I can give a mom, a sister, or a daughter more memories with their family, than the little bit of discomfort I would feel, would be more than worth it.

I gave my boys a few more kisses than normal tonight, and thanked God that they are healthy. And I prayed for a family that is in great need of the Master Physican’s healing touch.  I hope you will too.

Thank you Jesus for this family, for Layla, and for opening my eyes to the hurts that are so prevalent in this fallen world. Touch little Layla, comfort her family and hold them in the palm of your hand.  Thank you Jesus that you see the whole picture, when we can only see part of it.  Cover them with your peace. I ask these things in your precious name.


Good night all,

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