Ultrasound and Halloween

Our baby’s birth mama had an ultrasound yesterday, just to make sure that he is growing ok.  The doc thought that she was measuring small.  I am happy to announce that he’s growing beautifully and is a feisty little peanut to boot!  I can’t believe that in just a month we’re going to be munching his chubby cheeks and falling in love with this sweet new life.

Here is a picture that the ultrasound tech gave to me yesterday, his living quarters are getting a little cramped, but the picture is of his profile, he has GREAT lips!

Tomorrow is our homestudy evaluation, a case worker from Catholic Social Services (they’re amazing) is going to come to our house and interview us……..scary huh?  Kevin said that it is mandatory for me to have my filter in place! Ha!  We would so appreciate your prayers as we’ve never been in a situation like this!

Now for the rest of the crew.  Halloween totally snuck up on me, I am not sure why?  But we dug through our stock of costumes and dress up and found our costumes at the 11th hour.  Cooper’s was my favorite!  A zitty-nerd, complete with homemade zits!  So easy!!

  • petroleum Jelly
  • red and yellow food coloring
  • toilet paper (separated into layers)
  • scissors
  • small bowl

Take a glob of vaseline, put it into a bowl and add a drop of yellow food coloring. Put a drop of red food coloring on your finger, and then smear it on your muse.  Give it a circle/oval shape.  Take the yellow vaseline and goop it onto the red dot, moulding it up a bit to look like a pustule (gag).  Tear out a piece of tissue to fit the shape of your zit, and lay it gently on the yellow vaseline.  Smooth it gently and then add a thin layer of clear vaseline over the tissue, until the tissue disappears.    Trim the excess tissue and voilà home-made zits!  🙂


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