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As our tummy-mama labored with Carver, I wrote him a letter, a love letter of sorts…As the weeks have gone by I’ve wanted to post this letter a hundred times, but it never seemed like the right time; until yesterday.  When I grabbed the mail yesterday, there was an envelope from the State of Montana, inside it was the sweetest piece of paper that I’ve ever seen.  Inside was a birth certificate with Kevin and my names on it, Officially official.  Carver is ours–from now until the rest of forever.  Now was the time to share the letter I wrote to him!

Dearest Carver,

contrationsToday is your birthday!  I am so excited to meet you, while I sit here listening to your heart make the bump, bump, bump; I am taken to another place.  I can’t wait to know you, to touch you and look at your sweet face.  You are precious baby, such a miracle.  your arrival has been so sweet.  Your daddy and I have talked and talked about how much we couldn’t wait to see you and introduce you to your big brothers.

You want to know something?  I am most looking forward to meeting you for the first time with your daddy.  He and I get to meet you at exactly the same moment.  When I was pregnant with your brothers, I knew them from the kicks inside and their movements.  This time has been different, I’ve watched you grow in someone else’s tummy, and I’ve felt you from the outside, while you’ve grown in my heart.  Oh my boy, you are so loved.

Your tummy mama has stayed with us for the last few weeks, we adore her.  The big boys love her, and she has grown to be such a wonderful part of our family.  You are so lucky to have a mama like her.  She loves you with every breath she takes, and more than anything I want you to know that she made the hardest, most selfless decision of her life.  Your daddy and I are humbled that she and your biological dad chose us as your parents.  What an incredible gift,  your dad, brothers and I are so blessed.

I want you to know something else.  I promise you that from the moment you take your first breath until I take my last, I will be your biggest fan, I will encourage you, praise you, discipline you and love you.  I know yochelsearogersphoto+design_44u won’t always believe that, but you sweet-baby are a treasure and we want nothing but the greatest things for you!

You have these four fantastic bigger brothers, they make our life full of laughter, tears and really tired nights!  We wouldn’t trade this crazy-beautiful life for all the riches in the world.

Cooper is your biggest brother; he loves baseball, math and playing baseball while doing math problems.  He is the most tender-hearted of all of your big brothers; God truly created him to be an oldest child.  He will love you, he will be your super hero!  You little Carver are so lucky!

Mac is your next biggest brother; he loves Legos, skiing and golf.  He loves to read books and I imagine that as you two grow together, I’ll find you snuggled up with him on the couch with a story book in hand begging him for “just one more page.”

chelsearogersphoto+design_29Mercer is your 3rd older brother:  Mercer is the feisty, do-life-at-100 MPH-no-matter-what, kind of guy!  You two will fight, he will want to smother you with kisses, hugs and tell you exactly how things should be done…you will hate that.  But he truly takes joy in caring for others, especially those younger than him.

Potter is your last older brother; he is lovingly called the tiny-tornado.  That small human can destroy a room in 1.2 seconds.  But my-oh-my is he fun.  Spunky, so sassy and just the right amount of sweet.  He might have some trouble adjusting to having a baby in the house, but trust me when I say, you will be his favorite friend, once he realizes you’re not going anywhere!

Now Carver, there is one sibling that I haven’t mentioned, and that is because I want you to know that she is one of the reasons that you will be here today and joining our family.  She is your sister Ireland Elizabeth; before Potter was born,  your daddy and I were pregnant with a baby girl.  For some reason that we’ll probably never know, Jesus welcomed her home to heaven–long before we were ready to say goodbye.  Through lots of sadness, dark and lonely days and lots of tears; our family started to heal.  In that healing, I received a gift.  You see, your sister gave me the gift of being brave.  With that new-found bravery I promised that I wouldn’t be scared to follow the dreams and nudges that God placed on my heart.

You precious boy are the result of the gift your sister gave me.  I will love her forever for making me into a stronger, braver woman, and I will love her even more for beginning the journey that lead our family to you.

Sweet Carver, your tummy-mama is going to start pushing in a few minutes and then baby-love, you’ll be here–home-safe-and oh-so loved.



Thanks friends for following our journey, for loving us and for welcoming Carver with open arms, we truly are blessed!


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