What a Kid’s Movie Can Teach You


sheerluck_2From the front of my car I hear  a lot of Veggie Tales……Right now the one that I am hearing is, Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.  Treat others like you want to be treated….

Every time I turn the ignition, another part of the story comes on…. but it always comes back to this main point,  “Treat others like you want to be treated.”  Something about those words hit home this week, especially yesterday after a phone call left me sad and confused.

How do you be a good friend?

I am making it my personal mission to figure out how different people perceive what a “friend” looks like.  My view of friends, must be vastly different from others’….What are the similarities and more importantly what are the differences?

Much of what I know about what friendship should look like, is what I’ve learned from my relationship with two different people.

One, the girl who’s been beside me since our senior year in high school.  We’ve walked together through the wild years, through college, early marriage, babies, death, jobs, promotions, successes and failures.  Her companionship and friendship doesn’t require work, it flows, like water from an underground spring.  Fresh, natural and effortless.

The other, is the total opposite of effortless.  It requires daily maintenance, work and a conscious choice to be a friend.  It is the person I share a home, children and bed with.  He knows me better than anyone and still chooses to stay. This is the relationship of commitment, of two halves that without the other simply would be broken.  There are many days that  I am not always kind, or easy to love,  or truth be told, worthy of love.  Yet his commitment to me never waivers.

All  of the other friendships and relationships I have, fall somewhere between those two extremes.  Daily, I have to look at myself and ponder whether I am being a friend?  Most of the time I think I do okay, but other times I feel like I drop the ball more than I actually carry it.  This week I think the ball has dropped and is sufficiently broken beyond repair….. I guess that’s part of this journey, figuring out what works, what doesn’t and moving forward from there.  Today I am moving forward; choosing to wish someone well, and hoping great things for them, even through the anger and hurt and heartache.  As the songwriter so eloquently put it, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Today is the first day of my new beginning.


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