What Did You Just Say?

Mac and I were getting ready for church this morning, and as I was meticulously applying my mascara, foundation, blush, powder, eyeliner and wrinkle remover….(You mama’s with little babies know what I am talking about….It takes alot of effort to look naturally beautiful!)

Anway as I was getting ready, Mac was busy watching Food Network, we have an obsession with Food Network in this house, mine is Alton Brown….Kevin loves Rachel Ray, and Mac thinks that Giada is “Ohhhh so beautiful.”  Wow, I am really having trouble staying on task and telling you my story……

So Mac is watching TV and I am getting ready, and the little bugger comes into the bathroom, and looks at me with his beautiful hazel eyes and says………..”Mom, I know what you have to do to get skinny!  You just have to lose your muffin top!”  “That’s what the lady on the TV said, and guess what mom?  She is really skinny!”

Sometimes I wonder if he is listening to me, and it turns out he has been……when I talk to my mom and sister about my weight loss woes, he is listening…when I complain to my husband that I look like a gigantic tub of goo, he’s listening……so I suppose it is only reasonable, that he assume when he sees on TV a no-fail way to lose 500 pounds without changing your lifestyle, he is going to think I am interested!

What a way to start a Sunday morning….. Gotta love those babies!

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