What Was that Acronym Again?

Where We Started

He started Occupational Therapy in March.  For what his Pediatrician diagnosed as a Sensory Processing Disorder.  I had no idea what Sensory Processing was, and I was determined to find out.  So through the wonders of Google, Pinterest and a conversation with a divinely appointed member of my bible study I started researching.  I found this video, and it explains beautifully what my sweet boy faces everyday. Watching the video helped me explain him a little easier, and extend grace a little further, when I wanted to pull my hair out.  If you have the time, watch the entire video, it’s so worth it!  

After Carver had seen his OT (Occupational Therapist) for a few weeks, she referred us to a Behavioral and Neuropsychologist with the thought that Carver could be facing more than just a sensory disorder.  Carver went through all the testing and we watched and waited while they combed over the paperwork and the test results. Finally, after scoring and tallying and doing whatever it is the Doctor’s team of professionals does, we met with the doctor, and listened.

Autism Awareness Card

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“Your son is very, very smart. He is charming and bright, and has incredible potential! But, (the lovely three letter word, which should be a four-letter word….BUT……) Your son is autistic; he is also incredibly anxious.  So, we are going to put a plan in place that is going to get him exactly what he needs to excel.  He is going to do amazing things, just wait, watch and see. ”

I can’t tell you how much I love this woman. She is a champion for kids, for my son.  She sees the little boy that I see, the smart, capable, witty, determined, spunky, a beautiful soul who is waiting for someone like her to unlock the chain around the part of his brain that is keeping him from reaching his full and amazing potential.

She waited,  while I cried.
She blossomed in my heart a small seed of hope, for my potential;  that I am the best mom for this small little soul. That he needs my ferocity and his daddy’s calm spirit.


Image Credit: “Raising Autistic Kids

During our meeting this Doctor became my champion while I became a new kind of mother and a new type of warrior.
From now on, I am Carver’s champion, because every child needs a champion and sometimes mama’s need a champion too.

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