We had a little action and adventure at our house on Sunday afternoon.  Well not just our house, really the whole town where I live…..Look what came to visit us.  Yes that’s right, good ol’ Billings, Montana had a tornado.  We don’t get them very often….the weather guy said that the last one that touched down in Billings was in 1958.
This guy did some pretty good damage to our Civic Center, and the business along our main street.   My Brother-in-Law, who is also a fireman, said that they only had one injury called in from the storm, some guy was watching the hail and got knocked right between the eyes.  Why he would be outside with hail the size of golf-balls, I’ll never know, but to each their own.
I guess our little town made national news too.  WOW!  Anyway here are some more pictures of our wild-windy weekend.
A friend of mine’s back yard. The water was standing about 3 feet.

I am sure where some of you live this is common, but for me….it’s kind of humbling.  Mother nature sure has her own agenda sometimes, and the fury that she can bring makes me marvel at all the forces that God has placed in this incredible world. I would like to get a glimpse of his creation manual….wouldn’t that be something?  Can you even imagine the thoughts going through his mind when he was creating earth.  I wonder if heaven has a place where we can check out his idea book?

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


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