Who Needs Tape?

When I started my mom journey I swore I would be the kind of mom who had dozens of scrapbooks documenting every milestone my kids ever had, and I would journal their every movement and I would live in a castle and eat bon-bon’s and life would be beautiful and perfect and then……………………………reality came and smacked me upside the head!

I own a photography business, hear me when I say this, I DOCUMENT lives as my chosen career……….I just don’t document my own.  Very rarely, if ever, do I get my camera out at my own kids’ birthday parties, school plays, graduations or games.  I guess that’s why I own the latest version of the iPhone–it takes pretty good pictures.

However, I didn’t want a lack of pictures to be a reason that my kids needed extensive therapy when they’re older (they’ll have plenty of other reasons I am sure)  so I decided that I would make a yearly book that hits the highlights of our life and truthfully the pictures are 99.99999% taken by my phone….and gasp, I don’t do the book by hand, it’s all digital and I LOVE IT!

Thank you shutterfly for making my life just a bit easier, and allowing me to focus my creativity in other places, such as finding the perfect meal for dinner that every one of my kids will eat!

Here’s the latest edition of the Yearly Hanson book, I am sharing it on here, because it’s a special one!!!  Carver’s adoption is in this book,  and well, his adoption should have been national news! 🙂  At least I think so anyway!

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