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Today’s Prompt.


The whole house is quiet, everyone is still sleeping, even the dog.  Softly snoring on the couch.  She knows she isn’t supposed to lay on the couch,  she’s curled up in a tight little ball, nose under her paws. I don’t have the heart to shoo her off.  I trudge upstairs and turn the coffee pot on, listening for that glorious gurgling sound of liquid energy as the black fills the pot.  I grab my bible, coffee cup in hand and I sit down to read.  I love mornings like this, when the whole house is quiet.

I am reading, I can’t remember what passage.  But I hear a noise coming from Moose’s room.  A rustle, the door cracks and I see a sleepy, bed-headed boy come shuffling out of his room, carrying his lovey.  Part of me wants to grumble.  Why are you up already?  But I smile.

The whole house was quiet.

He crawls into my lap and snuggles his fuzzy head into my neck. “Mama I love you a whole big bunch.”

“Oh Moose, I love you too.  To the moon and back,” I tell him.

We spend a few minutes just in the quiet listening to the house as it makes its familiar noises.  Finally Moose gets up and goes into the kitchen and turns on cartoons.

Then I hear the sound of the bigger boys coming up the stairs.

The whole house was just quiet.  Now the whole house fills with noise, and boys and Saturday morning energy.  I glance at my cup of coffee, and smile.  Time for another cup.



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  1. Oh I love the love of little boys… And what is better morning worship then being grateful for your family.

  2. This is so very lovely. a beautiful snapshot of a day in the life. 🙂

  3. i love the early morning quiet, one of my favorite times – ever, really. the joy of parenthood, it seems [i’m not a momma] is one that overtakes and wins out even over our ‘favorites.’ and that’s beautiful.

  4. Don’t you just love mornings? I just know the Lord allows our children to get up early to remind us of His love for us. It’s through my kids that I often see God! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  5. loved this!!

    have a good day (and fun tonight 🙂


  6. I love it when the whole house is quiet. Mostly I can “hear” the quiet at 2am and then I think to myself, “Why am I awake??”

    Amen, for a second round of coffee.

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