Wordish Wednesday


Wordish Wednesday

My Father-in-Law, is a really fantastic skier, and he has the patience of Job. So When my boys turned 3 (and were potty trained) Mark started taking them skiing with him.  He works at our church and has Monday’s off, so he makes a point to take the boys up to the mountain several times over the course of the ski season.  He packs a lunch, grabs the skis, buckles them in, and away they go.  Nothing like a little male bonding on the chair lifts!  Did I mention that my Father-in-Law has endless patience?

Oh and the best part about the Monday skiing, is that I have an entire day of childless (except for the sweet-pea baby) bliss. As you with multiple children know, when you are down a couple of kids, the entire day is simply easier.  Oh, the ease of a one-kid day!


Click on the picture, because I am still trying to figure out picassa, and it makes the pictures really, really small….grrrr.


I get the biggest kick out of the two pictures on the left-hand side, both the boys fell asleep on the benches outside the lodge, just before they came home for the day.  My Father-in-Law had gotten a phone call from someone at the church, and while he was chatting away my troops fizzled out. 🙂
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