Wow–Warp Speed

Today was the first time that I’ve logged into this blog in over a month.  Almost two months if I am really being honest.  Here is a brief recap!

  • September 19th–Decided to take a leap of faith and adopt a baby.


  • October 19th–Went with my mom, Mac and Moose to California for their 5-year old adventure!  Beach, Aquarium, Disney Land and LA Zoo.  Had a great time, came home and truly appreciated my quiet, boring, no-rush-hour-traffic lifestyle!
  • Splash Mountain

    • November 9th–Mercer turns 5 and develops overnight a big boy attitude! 😀  I love him, and he challenges me daily!


    • November 19th–Tummy Mama of our sweet-potato moves in with our family for the last weeks of her pregnancy; best decision we’ve ever made.  I loved the chance to love on her before Carver was born and to let him hear us while he finished cooking!
    • November 22nd–Turkey Day, great food, great fun, great nap and some equally great Black Friday Shopping.
    • November 24th–Tummy Mama’s due date; no baby.
    • December 1st–Tummy Mama’s water broke early in the morning; went to the hospital about 10:30am and at 7:37 pm we welcomed Carver Benjamin to the world.


    • December 2nd and 3rd–Kevin, the boys and I spend our days at the hospital bonding with Carver and prepare to bring that sweet, little biscuit home with us.


    • December 19th–Potter J. turns 2, along with the day that the birth parents legally gave custody of Carver to us.


    • December 24th Christmas Eve


    • December 25th Christmas


    • December 26th–Carver’s gottcha day–By all legalities and aspects of the law Carver is officially a Hanson {this process should take weeks,} our attorney is amazing and talked to the judge, who had an opening in his docket, by 9am we were officially a family of 7!
  • December 27th–Kevin and I celebrated 10-years of marriage!  Roller coaster?  For sure!  Would I change anything?  Not a chance!

Phew…..all of these bullets barely scratch the surface of what the last three months have looked like, but I will tell you–life is rich and full of amazing blessings!

I am so excited to see what the next year holds!


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